To put it simply, the modern civilization that we currently experience sucks. Over the preceding millenia, we have created a world which at its core is hostile to all life. But it does not have to be this way another world is possible—despite how unlikely that may seem.

These webpages are for those who seek an alternative to the current status quo, who wish to dream beyond the petty confines of the modern world we find ourselves in. Here we are free to dream and envision a world that seeks to provide for one another by following what I consider “The Path”:

  1. Sanctuary + Shelter
  2. Mutual Sustainment + Reciprocal Ecology
  3. Justice
  4. Caregiving + Healthcare
  5. Creation + Expression
  6. Hospitality
  7. Security + Mutual Self-Defense
  8. Knowledge + Wisdom + Intelligence
  9. Pleasure + Enjoyment
  10. Anti-Civilization + Anti-Capital + Anti-State

Through the individual and personal contemplation, meditation, and understanding of the above, we can chart new pathways throughout this world and discover new possibilities for a greater and fuller life.

How each individual takes these words and expands upon them is at the core of our “project”, for each of us is a unique individual who experiences and interprets the world through their own unique and individual perspective. Beyond the core ten of our “path”, is the wilds, unknown to us until we step forward into it.